• Duration150h.for 7 modules
    80h. for 4 modules
  • Time TableDepending on candidate's availability
  • CAFAccepted
  • Paymentin 3 installments.
    see with admin for 4 modules course
  • Registration fees(CHF)50
  • Tution(CHF)3200
  • Total Fees(CHF)3250
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ICDL - International Computer Driving Licence

Objectives of the courses

You can handle the worldwide common applications In MS Office.
You can use the computer efficiently and professionally. 
You can keep step with further developments of the information technology without any difficulties.
You will use with ease the applications in your job place.

What are the benefits of ICDL Core?

Two versions are offered:
Core version based on 7 modules.
Start version based on 4 modules.

Student to choose the order and the interval in which you take the exams. That way you can adopt the expertise which you really need at the moment.
ICDL Core is internationally recognized: There are over 4 million IT-users which are on the way to
the ICDL Core. it is standardised. The examination questions are based on a uniform European standard which is specified in the ICDL Syllabus.
ICDL Core is entirely independent from vendor, platforms, and education institutions.
Accredited ICDL Test Centres offer the ICDL examinations and a part of them also the according training.
ECDL delivers a certificate for the Core version only once all 7 exams are passed. No possible intermediate certificate.
ECDL delivers a certificate for the Start version only once 4 exams are passed. No possible intermediate certificate.


Content of the course

Module 1 - Basic Introduction to Information Technology (IT)

    • Hardware
    • Software
    • Networks
    • IT in Daily Life
    • Security
    • IT and the Law

Module 3 - Word Processing

    • Basics
    • Entering and Editing Text
    • Managing Documents
    • Creating and Modifying Paragraphs
    • Formatting Documents
    • Inserting and Editing Graphic Elements
    • Mail Merge

Module 5 - Access (Databases)

    • Database Basics
    • Getting Started
    • Tables
    • Relationships and indexes
    • Queries
    • Forms
    • Sorting, filtering and searching
    • Reports
    • Printing objects
    • Exporting data

Module 7 - Web Browsing and Communication

  • The Internet
  • Working with the Browser
  • Working with Favorites
  • Searching on the Internet
  • Saving and Printing Information
  • Security on the Internet
  • E-Mail Basics
  • Working with E-Mails
  • Address books and contacts
  • Managing Emails

Module 2 - Using the Computer and Managing Files

    • First Steps
    • Programs and documents
    • Organize folders and files
    • Control Panel

Module 4 - Excel (Spreadsheets)

    • First Steps
    • Work with Cells
    • Work with workbooks
    • Formatting of Tables
    • Page Setup and Print
    • Worksheets and Workbooks
    • Work with Formulas and Functions
    • Work with Charts and Images
    • Outputs

Module 6 - PowewPoint (Presentation)

  • Basics
  • Creating presentations
  • File management
  • Working with text
  • Working with Shapes
  • Working with objects
  • Slide Master and Templates
  • Slide transitions and animations
  • Preparing and printing presentations

Basic Knowledge of windows and PC