• Duration110h. 9h./week. 10mn. break
  • Time TableStarting every 2 months
    Day/evening course
  • CAFAccepted
  • PaymentIn 3 instalments
  • Registration fees(CHF)50
  • Tution(CHF)6000
  • Total Fees(CHF)6'050
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This intensive course is mainly based on practice of installing, testing and troubleshooting PC networks peer to peer and client / server Windows 2012R2, TCP/IP and securing the LAN.

Objectives of the courses: 

Student will be prepared in practice for CompTIA Net+ and Microsoft MPC certification exams.
He will install Servers and manage the functioning of  Client/Server network.
He will perform installation and troubleshooting tasks.



Content of the course


  • TCP/IP
  • Peer-to-peer network Windows
  • Installing Server Windows 2012 R2
  • Configuring Server and Clients
  • Active Directory
  • Troubleshooting and maintaining a LAN
  • RAID Concepts
  •  Networks Security

Student must be qualified as a  PC technician or handling a PC technician certificate.