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  • Computing & programming essentials

    Learn the fundamentals of computing and the basics in programming. Learn by practice PC techniques, operating systems and write your first codes in...

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  • Advanced courses in Techniques & Programming

    Prepare your IT career Choose from technical option including PC techniques, networking, virtualization telecommunications, or programming one and ...

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  • Degrees

    Two degrees are taught.The Bachelor’s and the Master’s. Our degrees are covering all the academic topics. They prepare students to understand the i...

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  • Cisco Academy

    For more than a decade GITI is established as a Cisco academy and was awarded Active Academy and Excellent Instructors. You’ll be prepared througho...

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  • Top  courses for higher job positions

  • Excellent Instructors We provide interactive training organized by excellent Instructors.

  • Excellent combination between practice & theory class-room and online courses

  • Industry-recognized training & certifications

  • Flexible We provide flexible training and Timetables to respond to particular candidates