Advanced Software development Diploma

Do you want to be a software developer? Read this first

Programming is an empowering ability. You become a tool maker to solve the unsolvable. This involving the conception of an idea, its design and its flaws, practice, correction, checking towards the true satisfaction of creation.
You learn how to read documentation and analyze code that you can understand more advance concepts.
Moreover, you become a part of a community that is always evolving and innovating. You converse with others to get in-depth knowledge. You share ideas, tips and tricks and different persepective and experiences.
Programming combines solving puzzles with learning a new language. On the puzzle side, you begin a problem, come up with an idea, break the idea into smaller pieces, and solve each piece bit by bit. (Brenden Brusberg Quora, 2016)

Skills path for best coders

5 Reasons Why You Should Learn Programming

Coding teaches you how to solve problems with method.

Coding is all about seeing the bigger picture which you can break down into smaller particles — those smaller particles being smaller tasks that you can actually finish. Think of cars, for us to understand how they work, we must disassemble it and examine each part and what it does to completely understand the bigger picture.

You will be in demand

Programming jobs always have been and always will be in demand. As a society, we are getting more technologically advanced and more digitized. This means that those who can code will always be sought after.

Better opportunities if you’re already employed.

Every country has a need for computer programmers. From creating code to automating processes and developing new solutions- programmers are very much needed. If you can code or are learning how to, your employer will want to keep hold of you. As the company grows, it can give you the ability to grow with the company, taking on more tasks and responsibilities moving forward.

You will develop more soft skills.

The programming world is a fast-paced environment. What worked years ago might not be the best approach today. Programming languages and frameworks evolve almost daily. It’s impossible to know everything, but it’s possible to specialize in a specific sector depending on particular needs or your personal feeling.

You will earn more!

Programing jobs tend to pay a lot more than other roles. Furthermore, programmers can choose to work for a company, remotely, on contracts, or as freelancers. There are even consultancy roles where wages are significantly higher. In 2020, the average software developer can hope to earn around EUR 50,000 per year. Rates vary significantly depending on the industry, for example iGaming, crypto, or fintech.

This programme is split in 2 major modules, foundations and advanced.

It ends with a diploma from our Institute stating a thorough knowledge and competence in this domain. Each module terminates with an exam. Some courses are online/live online, monitored and scored. It is delivered also in a flexible timescale. Contact us.

Course Curriculum


Module 1: Programming Foundations


Windows environment and Office/OpenOffice

Learning the basics of programming

Web and Internet tools for coders

Learning Framewire for software development

Code Foundations

Module 2: Advanced programming


Python 1 and 2

Java 1 and 2

C++ (Optional)


Introduction to Data Sciences


Objective of the courses

You will learn the logical and algorithm process to solve problems.

You will learn foundations of coding applied in specific languages.

You will learn programming from basic to advanced level and much more.

You will use OS environment and cover the Software Productivity applications from Microsoft or Open source.

Specifications of the Courses

Blended Courses

Practice Labs

Interactive Learning

Intermediate Certificates

Final Diploma

Internship Possible


Basic PC Knowledge and Windows/Linux

September & March

10 Months

4 Days/Week


Tuition Fees
CHF. 12’000,00

Admin Fees
CHF. 150,00