BIT curricula is structured in 3 main parts.
Modules prepare for international certifications : Microsoft, Cisco, CompTia and vmware.
Online sessions are part of this curriculum. Each module contains individual or supervised training periods. Final research project (memoire). Exams can be taken a second time in case of failure. All courses are taught from basic level to advanced.

Become a IT bachelor by enrolling in our programme, you will get the skills you need.

Course Curriculum – Part One

IT Essentials

Advanced IT Courses :-

  1. Networking practices

Windows Server 2019 practices

  1. Installation

  2. Configuration of the LAN environment

  3. Administration

  4. Troubleshooting

  5. Securing the LAN

Linux Environment

Cisco CCNA Routing & Switching


Linux Environment


  1. Information Security

  2. Cybersecurity

IoT. Get Connected

Cloud Computing

Introduction to Data Science

Course Curriculum – Part Two

HTML Fundamentals

CSS Fundamentals

User Centric Front End Development. Using Bootstrap Framework

Interactive Front End Development Using APIs and Jquery

Python Fundamentals

Practical Python. HTTP Protocol and Flask Framework

DATA Centric Development. MYSQL AND MANGODB

Full Stack Frameworks. DJANGO Framework

Learn front-end and back-end dev

Build and style interactive sites

Communicate with web developers

JavaScript, Node.JS, SQL, Express.JS, React, TDD

Practical projects

Course Curriculum – Part Three

Module 1. Programming foundations

Windows environment and Office/OpenOffice

Learning the basics of programming

Web and Internet tools for coders

Learning Framewire for software development

Code Foundations

Module 2. Advanced programming

Python 1 and 2

Java 1 and 2

C++ or C#


Introduction do Data Sciences


Objective of the courses

Student will be able to structure, analyze and apply IT general concepts.

He/She will organize efficiently all tasks in order to manage users, equipment and applications.

He/She will learn and master all available resources to apply in IT environment.

He/She will be operational immediately in software development, PC & Lan practices and in Web Development fields.

Specifications of the Courses

Blended Courses

Practice Labs

Interactive Learning

Intermediate Certificates

Final Diploma

Internship Possible


University, Bachelor, or equivalent diploma

September & March

3 years



Tuition Fees
CHF. 20’000,00/year

Admin Fees
CHF. 150,00