Promoting a high level of training in Information Technology; Being an institute with a good reputation in IT training fields; The programme of diverse courses with different options including instructor-led, blended and online is designed to produce IT professionals who are capable of applying their broad knowledge of information technologies and business issues to the design and construction of networks, databases or websites to solve organizational issues. The degree also prepares students to be able to understand the impact of information systems in organizations and provide information support for decision making.


  • Providing our students with valuable training thereby permitting them to express their ability and contribute to their professional success.
  • Training IT practitioners for immediate use in their new job.
  • Evolving training programs adapted to the local and international market.


  • Make available to our students all appropriate resources for better learning.
  • Respect every student’s personality and be flexible as much as possible in order to help candidates to understand better and complete the whole syllabus.
  • Permanently develop our services and methods in order to improve our courses taking into consideration all particularities of the targeted audiences.
  • Maintain and develop a high level of competence.
  • Preserve a “personal touch” that recognizes all practical and theoretical aspects in our training and remain at our student’s disposal even after they leave.
  • Make available modern means adapted to our specific training and education methods in class or online.


  • Open organization. Listening to our students and ensuring a convenient environment for better training.
  • Ensure external contacts in order to integrate in this structure any mean or person with high capabilities and competences in our domain of education.
  • Simple and practical administrative procedures and course schedules to make a better consistency and synergy between students and instructors.

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GITI offers a set of courses ranging from short to long term. From basics to advanced ending with certificates or diplomas.

Degrees are also offered:

  • BIT Bachelor of Information Technology
  • MIT Master of Information Technology

Courses targeting international Certifications


Local and international.