CISCO CCNA Routing & Switching

Thanks to New Technologies, networks are becoming more intelligent, programmable and software-driven. Networking Academy courses support this evolution and teaches learners new concepts and hands-on experiences. Courses are tied to CCNA certifications among the most in demand in the industry.

Achieve your career goals with this Industry-Recognised learning path

The curriculum taught in the academy is structured in 4 chapters.
CCNAV7 Introduction to networks.
CCNA7 Switching; routing &amp Wireless essentials.
CCNAV7 Bridging.
CCNAV7 Enterprise Networking & Automation.
Each chapter contains a certain number of modules.
Each chapter contains a certain number of assessments(exams).

All exams must be passed. CISCO will generate a certificate on your name which will be signed by GITI CISCO administrator. You must take all exams for each chapter.
At the end. You will get 4 CISCO certificates stating your proficiency and skills in CISCO Networking products and applications.

Course Curriculum


1. Introduction to Network

OSI Models & TCP/IP.

Network Cabling.

LAN et WAN, Ethernet, FastEthernet, GigaEthernet.

Network addressing.

2. Routing & Switching Essentials

Installing & configuring routers.

Static routing.

Dynamic routing.

Advanced addressing.

Routing Protocols (RIP,OSPF et EIGRP).

Using Packet-Tracer.

3. Scaling Networks

The VLAN (Virtual LAN).

Voice Over IP(VoIP).

Applied protocols, Spanning Tree.

The Wireless.

4. Connecting Networks

Securing Packets traffic. The Access List.

Configuring services DHCP, DNS, NAT, IPV6,..

The WAN (Wide Area Network).

The Frame Relay et le PPP.

Securing the traffic.

Objective of the courses

Learn about types of existing Networks.

Understand and learn the OSI models.

Learn about Virtual LANS.

Learn how to create IP addresses and apply them.

Use of Packet-Tracer to simulate any configuration

Understand all routing protocols.

Acquire a good knowledge in routing and switching packets in a LAN. Learn about the WAN.

Understand and configure routers and switches.

Learn how to use the ACL to secure and prevent unwanted accesses.

Specifications of the Courses

Blended Courses

Practice Labs

Interactive Learning

Final Certificates

Internship Possible


Good knowledge of PCs and Windows as well as Internet. Preliminary knowledge of PC technique and networks are an advantage.

Every 2 Months

120 Hours

10 Hours/week


Tuition Fees
CHF. 6’000,00

Admin Fees
CHF. 150,00