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We offer you a set of courses based on practice and case studies.

Courses objectives:

1. Student will master the basics of programming languages.
2. He will learn and apply his knowledge in practical, evolving and realistic programs.
3. He will be able to construct and manage the use of data.


The logic and programming

1. Algorithms and Flow charts.
2. Understanding source codes.
3. The types of variables, constants, logical
4. The Input/Output.
5. The loops and their logic.
6. Programming procedure.
7. Introducing the Object Oriented Programming

Programming in VB.Net - Lev. 1

1. Net environment.
2. Objects, methods.
3. Forms, tools, properties
4. The controls.
5. editing projects
6. Coding in VB.
7. Different exercises
8. Creating menus and sub.menus.
9. Logical structure for loops.
10. Multiples practice exercises.

Programming in C++ - Lev. 1

1. C++ environment.
2. Stream, Input/Output.
3. Declaring variables and functions.
4. Practice exercises.
5. Prototypes for functions.
6. Argument by value and by reference
7. Defining and using classes.

Programming in Java - Lev. 1

1. Introduction
2. Variables - Single Instruction
3. Conditions - Exceptions
4. Methods - Controls
5. Structured variables
6. Loops - Files

SQL/MySQL : Data base handling

1. Introduction to SQL/MySQL.
2. Basics of the language.
3. The SQL/MySQL commands
4. Practice exercises.
5. Creating and requesting tables.
6. The relationships between tables.


Knowledge of Windows environment and Office level 1



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