Farther than Knowledge we reach Competence

Computing & programming essentials

Learn the fundamentals of computing and the basics in programming. Learn by practice PC techniques, operating systems and write your first codes in Java, C++. Learn how to create your first web...

Advanced courses in Techniques & Programming

Prepare your IT career Choose from technical option including PC techniques, networking, virtualization telecommunications, or programming one and learn from basics to advanced level as well as...


Two degrees are taught.The Bachelor’s and the Master’s. Our degrees are covering all the academic topics. They prepare students to understand the impact of information systems in...

Cisco Academy

For more than a decade GITI is established as a Cisco academy and was awarded Active Academy and Excellent Instructors. You’ll be prepared throughout the official Cisco CCNA programs.

Academy Online

We take you Online for Career Success



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A Trusted Educational Institute

GITI - Geneva Information Technology Institute

Since 1996, with a multinational student body and faculty, it has focused on educational training systems practice oriented with complete programs preparing for high level diplomas and degrees it responds to the growing demands of the IT market.

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