Certified Digital Forensics Examiner (CDFE) Series

CHF 85.00

This Official Mile2® cyber security certification training series covers everything you need to know about becoming a certified digital forensics examiner. Students will learn about computer forensic incidents, the investigation process, disk storage concepts, digital acquisition & analysis, forensic examination protocols, digital evidence protocols, CFI theory, digital evidence presentation, computer forensic laboratory protocols, computer forensic processing, digital forensics reporting, specialized artifact recovery, e-Discovery and ESI, cell phone forensics, USB forensics, incident handling, PDA forensics, and investigating harassment.


Course 01 – IntroductionAccess Now – 13m
Course 02 – Computer Forensic Incidents 28m
Course 03 – Investigation Process 54m
Course 04 – Disk Storage Concepts 31m
Course 05 – Digital Acquisition & Analysis 24m
Course 06 – Forensic Examination Protocols 25m
Course 07 – Digital Evidence Protocols 21m
Course 08 – CFI Theory 25m
Course 09 – Digital Evidence Presentation 22m
Course 10 – Computer Forensic Laboratory Protocols 33m
Course 11 – Computer Forensic Processing 22m
Course 12 – Digital Forensics Reporting 20m
Course 13 – Specialized Artifact Recovery 46m
Course 14 – e-Discovery and ESI 12m
Course 15 – Cell Phone Forensics 21m
Course 16 – USB Forensics 6m
Course 17 – Incident Handling 36m
Course 18 – PDA Forensics 23m
Course 19 – Investigating Harassment 14m