Certified Disaster Recovery Engineer (CDRE) Series

CHF 85.00

This Official Mile2® cyber security certification training series covers everything you need to know about becoming a certified disaster recovery engineer. Students will learn about business impact analysis, risk analysis, BDP strategies, IT recovery strategies, implementation phase, testing and exercise, maintenance and updating, execution phase, cyber attacks, and pandemics.


Course 01 – Welcome to Disaster Recovery TrainingAccess Now – 26m
Course 02 – Business Impact Analysis 24m
Course 03 – Risk Analysis 12m
Course 04 – BCP Strategies 27m
Course 05 – IT Recovery Strategies 28m
Course 06 – Implementation Phase 9m
Course 07 – Testing and Exercise 7m
Course 08 – Maintenance and Updating 6m
Course 09 – Execution Phase