Steps to register as a foreign student:

GITI accepts candidate’s application based on individual cases.
1. Send us a complete CV together with copies of academic and/or professional
diplomas, and certificates,
2. Send a letter of motivation
3. Once documents received, we will send you a registration form to fill
4. Make the payment corresponding to the cost of tuition and registration covering
the academic year
5. GITI will send you a certificate of registration corresponding to the desired training
on the basis of the registration form and a proof of payment.
6. You must submit your application to the Swiss Consulate in your region to request
for the a visa for studies in Geneva.
A. Students must demonstrate evidence regarding their financial capabilities to cover
all necessary expenses related to accommodations, food, insurances.etc..
B. Studies must be the main activity of the candidate. 20h./week of presence in school.
C. GITI being a private institution of training does not grant any kind of funding or